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    Daniel Michael Hurt

    Daniel Michael Hurt became even more interested in computers as he matured into adulthood. He got his degree in Computer Science and was acclaimed as a promising student by his teachers. After completing his degree, he got a job at a tech company and began learning his trade.


    Since then, Daniel Michael Hurt has moved back to his hometown of Fort Lauderdale and become a cloud consultant. His biggest passions continue to be his career and his family, though he has also earned a well-deserved reputation as a giving and caring member of his extended community.


    Since starting his career as a cloud consultant, Daniel Hurt has done what he can to expand this field and boost his success. For example, he believes strongly in fractional sales management and how it can help smaller businesses grow. Fractional sales management focuses on finding managers who share their time and energy with multiple companies to reduce costs and improve their growth.

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